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Carrubbers Christian Centre


The laying of the foundation stone
Moody preaches at the laying of the foundation stone of Carrubbers Close Mission in 1883, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

The old main hall pre-refurbishment
The old main hall pre-refurbishment

The redeveloped main hall
The redeveloped main hall

History: Introduction

Carrubbers Close Mission was founded in 1858 in Carrubbers Close, an alley leading off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It started in a former Atheist Meeting House, in an effort to reach Edinburgh children for Christ.

In 1883, the American Evangelist DL Moody came to Edinburgh. He realised the need of a building, raised £10,000 to build one, and preached at the laying of the foundation stone. Carrubbers continues to have excellent trans-atlantic links to this day, and has continued in the evangelical tradition throughout its long history.

In 1990, the directors of the mission decided to refurbish the aging building. A floor at balcony level has provided us with an inviting main hall, and space for a lower hall and cafe.

Millennium Photograph, click for larger version (680Kb)

Our president is Eric John Scott from Scotland, and the pastor is Rev Wayne Sutton, from New York. Our associate pastor is Rev David Anderson, from Scotland. Each ministry within Carrubbers is headed up by a Ministry Leader, under the direction of the church leadership. As a city- centre fellowship with a strong student community, we also have a strong international flavour, with our fair share of people from all the continents...

Carrubbers has a long history of great spiritual blessing, and continues to be a place where we worship the God who made us, and earnestly seek His presence in the meetings which are held, and in the lives of the people who attend.

Carrubbers is one of the last remaining churches with a mission-style constitution. It enables us to be truly non-denominational and work well in providing a service to other local churches. Within this structure, the church which meets here continues the long tradition of Biblical preaching and teaching.