Our Leaders

The pastors of Carrubbers have specific remits, to prepare the Church's congregation for works of service and to build it up as the body of Christ. They are ex-officio members of the board of elders but as employees are not regarded as charity trustees and are not involved in decisions which may cause a conflict of interest with their employed status (such as financial decisions).

Our pastoral assistants are staff members, but are not on the board of elders.

Our ministry apprentices are trainee staff members, and are not on the board of elders.

The Care Elders have primary responsibility for pastoral oversight of the congregation. The Care Elders' meetings are chaired by the senior pastor.

The Care Elders provide spiritual leadership for the church as well as as well as biblical counselling and oversight & nurture of our home groups. They are responsible for development and leadership, men and women's discipleship, prayer, and the preaching of the Word. The Care Elders provide oversight for children's and youth ministry as well as the work of missions.

The Core Elders have primary responsibility for the individual ministries in the church & their nurture, development and leadership. The Core Elders' meetings are chaired by Eric J Scott.

The Core Elders are also responsible for Sunday services as well as implementing decisions which are taken by the board of Elders that relate to church finances, the church building & fabric, security, and health & safety. They also provide provide day-to-day oversight of the protection panel.

As well as our paid pastoral staff we have a number of other staff who are either paid by Carrubbers or partner with us, while working for different organisations.

Partner staff