Homegroup Questions – September 2018

John's Gospel

Who Do You Think You Are?

John 8:48-59

 Please discuss as many of the questions as possible.  Do not feel obligated to complete the entire list or to cover the questions in the order in which they appear.  You may want to be selective about the questions you choose to discuss first.   

Read John 8:48-59

  1. In v49 Jesus says, “I honour My Father and you dishonour Me.”
    1. How were these people dishonouring Jesus?
    2. How do we dishonour Jesus?
    3. What does it look like to honour Jesus in your life?
  1. Why do you think these people are so angry with Jesus? Why do you think others are more accepting of Jesus and are keen to follow Him?
  1. Jesus says in v51, “Whoever obeys My word will never see death. What does Jesus mean by this and on what basis does He make this promise?
  1. Pick one of the following answers that Jesus gives to the question: “Who do you think you are?” – and discuss how this affects your life as a Christian.
    1. I am God the Father’s unique Son
    2. I am glorified by God the Father
    3. I know God the Father intimately
    4. I obey God My Father’s word perfectly
    5. I am the Deliverer that Abraham looked forward to and rejoiced
    6. I am eternal
    7. I am... I AM

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