Homegroup Questions – January 2020


Down...but Not Out

Ezra 1

Please discuss as many of the questions as possible.  Do not feel obligated to complete the entire list or to cover the questions in the order in which they appear.  You may want to be selective about the questions you choose to discuss first.   


  1. It would be great if we could spend some time talking about how/where we see our lives/our stories in the context of God’s great story in HIS-story. For example:
    1. How do you see the flow of the circumstances of your life in the context of what the Bible says about God’s purpose for the world?
    2. How do you see individual situations/circumstances in that flow?
    3. How easy/difficult is it for you to see these things clearly connected to God’s work and purpose in your life and in His world?


  1. In Ezra 1 – do you think Cyrus knew that he was being used as a tool in the hand of God? Why or why not?
    1. Do you think you know when you’re being used by God? If so, how?
    2. Do you think it’s always necessary for us to know when God is using us to accomplish His great purposes – or are there other things we should be focusing on? (see Prov 3:5-6; Rom 13:14; Gal 5:16)


  1. Read Heb 4:12-13
    1. According to this passage – how is the word of God living and active?
    2. What does the word of God do? How does it do this?
    3. According to the writer of Hebrews here – what is our condition and state before God and how should our knowledge of this affect the way we live?











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