Homegroup Questions – April 2019


Titus 2:11-15

Live lives which are consistent with God’s generous Grace.

  1. What is the “grace of God”? What is Grace?
  2. Who have you shared the Gospel with?
    1. Are we collectively as a church reaching “all people”?
    2. If you have identified gaps, what could we do to address them?
  3. What worldly passions and ungodliness are we tempted by?
    1. Which do we say yes to?
    2. What techniques can we share which have helped us say no?
    3. In what ways has the grace of God taught us to say no?
  4. Given our "misdemeanours" discussed above, how do these make us feel as Christians?
    1. How do you understand these feelings while reading Titus 2:14.
    2. Does the verse change your perspective/feeling?
    3. Did this journey leave you eager to do good?
    4. Can you share examples of the ways in which you have been eager or reluctant to do good?
  5. What does the “blessed hope” mean to you?
    1. How would you put it in your own words?
    2. How would you communicate this to a non-believer?
  6. Does the anticipation of the “blessed hope” help us live holy lives?
    1. If so in what ways?
  7. Who should we be teaching to say “no” to ungodliness and worldly passions?
    1. Who do we teach to say “no” to?
    2. Who should we be rebuking?
    3. Who do we rebuke?
  8. Do you think anyone despises you?
    1. Why do you think they do?
    2. Should they?
    3. What can we/should we do about this?
    4. How did the world respond to Jesus (see Isaiah 53:1-3) and what did Jesus teach us to expect (Luke 9:23-26, 57-62) and how do we reconcile these passages?

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