Homegroup Questions – March 2018

John's Gospel

John 3:19-21   A Visible Life

Please discuss as many of the questions as possible.  Do not feel obligated to complete the entire list or to cover the questions in the order in which they appear.  You may want to be selective about the questions you choose to discuss first.    


  1. Read John 3:1-21                                                                                                   
    1. How many different ways does Jesus describe and/or illustrate the gospel message in His conversation with Nicodemus?
    2. What do you think Jesus is trying to get Nicodemus to see about himself and about Jesus?
    3. How might you use this particular encounter in Scripture to help someone along their spiritual journey to Jesus?


  1. Focusing specifically on vss 19-21:
    1. In what sense is Jesus “light”?
    2. In what ways would you say that “light has come into the world?”
    3. What do you think are some of the issues that cause people to “love the darkness rather than the light? How can we help one another/others with this?
    4. It what ways has life in Christ helped you with your own “darkness” issues?

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