Just For Starters

Foundational Bible studies

Just for Starters is a series of Bible studies designed for new believers to acquire some essential foundations in their Christian lives and some practical support in their new walk with Christ, learning more from the Bible, learning grace, fellowship, prayer.... It is also a great opportunity for older Christians to be reminded of the important things in their faith.

Jesus said "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you". Matthew 28:18-20


We meet in an informal setting, with coffee and cake, where we can explore some of the essential components that are needed to develop a "firm foundation" in faith. Table leaders will guide the discussion, but the format is flexible to allow us time to deal with the real questions we have.

Our aim is that we each go on learning and growing in our relationship with God, through understanding the Bible, and sharing with one another.   Active participation in the life of the Church is also encouraged.

The Studies

  1. Saved by God
  2. Trusting in God
  3. Living God's way
  4. Listening to God
  5. Talking to God
  6. Meeting with God's family
  7. Meeting the world

When and Where

We have recently completed a course which has been running over the summer.  In September we will be starting a 'Discipleship Explored' course.  The aims are the same as Just for Starters, but the material will take us through the book of Philippians and is also a great follow up for anyone who has done Christianity Explored.  Time and dates will be coming soon.  If you'd like to express your interest so we can email you with the details please email Jonah and Miriam Fransson at: jfs@carrubbers.org.

Just For Starters 2

Just For Starters 2 is a follow up in which we explore the book of Colossians in-depth, and learn how to tackle a Bible study by ourselves. It also challenges and encourages those who have been Christians for longer, to continue to live in Him by learning about our completeness in Christ. Anyone who feels they would benefit from a structured, in-depth bible study of the book of Colossians in an informal and supportive setting is welcome.

Previous Courses

JFS has been an incredibly exciting ministry to be part of and has been crammed full of stories of God at work and responsive hearts and minds. Several courses have been run so far, often following on from Christianity Explored.

Some participants go on to discipleship groups which meet regularly. A few months later there is a "JFS on the road" meal with some going on to join the church pastoral groups.

Just For Starters is organised by and overseen by David Anderson & Eric J Scott.