Carrubbers Christian Centre is a non-denominational evangelical church in Edinburgh. As well as Sunday services and other activities, the church runs Christianity Explored for those interested in finding out more about Christianity and courses for new Christians. The website provides a large range of Christian information and resources with special emphasis on serving the local members. Online tools include rotas, an address book, service planner, songs database, sermons to listen to, a daily blog from the pastoral team and mailing list groups.

Our Vision

To see lives transformed by the good news of Jesus in Edinburgh, across our nation and around the world

Our Mission

Multiplying disciples of Jesus as we live for God and intentionally love the people around us

Our Values

Good news! During the COVID-19 lock-down, our services are continuing online at youtube.com/c/carrubbers.
We are also meeting virtually in our homegroups (to find out more email office@carrubbers.org).
News and events are also published weekly to notices@newsletters.carrubbers.org (sign-up).

Upcoming Services

Sunday at 10:30am

We continue our series "Nehemiah", as Wayne Sutton speaks on "Getting the ducks in a row!".
Read Nehemiah 11-12 | View the service plan.

Sunday at 6:30pm

We continue our series "Encounters with Jesus", as John Meadows speaks on "The Weeping Woman".
Read Luke 7:36-50 | View the service plan.

Last week's sermons

Last Sunday's sermons aren't available just yet.

Latest News

Meeting Together Possibilities in Phase 3

Here's a quick briefing about some new possibilities for meeting together in Phase 3 in view of the easing restrictions. A full briefing for the church on phase 3 will follow on July 21st and 730pm (leading into our monthly prayer meeting time).
From July 15th churches can reopen for physically distant corporate services. We are still awaiting the specific regulations, but if they mirror the English ones then we won't be rushing back immediately. This is because the majority of people would be excluded from meeting together on Sundays and the experience would be significantly limited by restrictions on social contact, singing, etc. Instead, the elders have decided to continue (and improve and diversify) doing our services "on demand" online for the immediate future, until restrictions ease further.
Alongside hosting services online that we want to make the most of the opportunities for community and fellowship in person in our "satellite" home groups/pastoral clusters. So from tomorrow (July 10th) the following is possible for meeting up:
Indoors: one household can meet with another two households (up to 8 people).
Outdoors: one household can meet with another four households (up to 15 people).
Up to a maximum of meeting four other households in a day.
Physical distancing and hygiene practices must be observed (although children under 12 don't have to observe physical distancing). Bring your own food and cutlery.
This means that this weekend you could meet up with some other people from your home group - to watch the service together AM or PM - or to discuss the sermon in the afternoon - or to split your home group into a few smaller groups meeting in person to do the Bible study and pray together next Tuesday. Get thinking with your home group leaders and on your Whatsapp groups!
Hope this very brief briefing gets you thinking and praying about some new possibilities.


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Giving to the work of Carrubbers

Carrubbers is still very active, although we're not using the building.   At the moment we are unable to take weekend offerings so giving in other ways to the work of Carrubbers is even more important for us to be able to continue to serve the Lord in Edinburgh and around the world. more...