Audio Visual

The AV ministry exists to allow the presentation of the sermon and the music during Sunday services. In recent years, multi media presentations have become more common and the congregation are often able to see a movie or presentation to help catch the vision of missionaries. Armed with a whole host of technical equipment, our aim is to be inconspicuous to the congregation, while allowing the presentation of God's word to be clearly heard. As well as the Sunday services, the team are heavily involved in other events which take place in Carrubbers, perhaps the most notable of these is There is Hope.

Audio - most tasks centre around operating the sound desk and supervising the recording of the sermons. We have 32 channel Yamaha mixer - which comes in very handy when special events occur at Carrubbers. In the past, we have hosted events organised by the Origin Ministry - producers of the Gospel Nights.

Recording - we record the sermons straight to the pc. The sermons are then automatically encoded into MP3 and RealAudio files for upload and playback from this web site. The sermons are also recorded onto minidisk as a backup.

Visual - this is predominantly localised to the use of the fixed install projector system. The projection system is computer controlled and has a wide range of uses: - projection of words for congregational songs; - presentation of news items; - projection of bible quotes of readings during the service; - presentation of salient points and visual aids/diagrams during services; - playback of videos

If you are technologically minded, and enjoy working with electronic equipment, there is a place for you in the AV ministry. This is a largely transparent ministry (people only notice when you get it wrong!), so patience and a willingness to serve are important. Ability in music is particularly useful when working with the various music groups.

The sound team also maintain training pages for those involved in the ministry.

Audio Visual is organised by Erlend Scott and overseen by Colin Dyer & Eric J Scott.