Sundays at Carrubbers

Sundays are an important day for us at Carrubbers as we meet together for worship, to hear from God's word and to encourage each other. Below we'll describe what normally happens on a Sunday during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We list what is actually happening this week on the front page.

At 9am we host a breakfast service which is tailored for the homeless in Edinburgh. 

At 1030am we have an hour long worship service.

  1. Join in person (and for Kids: C4K and Young People (Bible Class))
  2. Watch onlineYoutube with in person and online meetings with a homegroupContact Office

At 12:30pm we have an hour and a half long bible study and prayer meeting for our students and young workers ministry "Logos".  It is a good chance to meet other students and share with each other as we grow in Christ together. 

  1. Join in person

At 7pm we have an hour long service. 

  1. Join in person
  2. Watch onlineYoutube 

Each of these sermons is recorded and there is a huge library of recordings from the past ten years at Carrubbers which are available online.

There are a number of specific ministries which are active in this area. They are...