At Carrubbers, we have a congregation that loves to serve each other and our community. We have groups of people who serve in lots of different ways and we encourage as many people as possible to jump in and get involved.

  • Sundays

    Sundays are the central focus of our week. We have two morning serivces and an evening service each week where we focus on biblical teaching and worship of our great God. Sunday services don't run themselves and we have loads of ministries that are key making sure Suday's run smoothly.

  • Midweek community

    Meeting together is vitally important to family life and we have a number of ministries that run during the week. We meet as a church for our prayer meeting, a men and women separately and as smaller home groups. There are also groups who meet around a common shared interest, e.g. football, board games and hillwalking.

  • Young people

    Carrubbers is a church with lots of young families and in the middle of a community with lots of chidlren. Jesus specifically told his disciples to bring the little children to him and we are passionate about teaching all our children about the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus.

  • Sharing Christianity

    Part of our mission is to serve Jesus by fulfilling the great commission (go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit). So, we have a good number of ministries that are focused on eactly that.

  • Training

    Our creator God is an awesome God and He has revealed himself to us both in the person of Jesus and through His Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Learning more about Him and his love for us is key to living a life devoted to Him in service.

  • Support services

    An army of people make sure that Carrubbers runs smoothly Sunday to Sunday, and during the week. There are large number of groups who make sure that a number of areas run smoothly, e.g. computers, website, IT, security, and a whole host of other important areas of service.

  • Extended

    Extended ministries that operate beyond Edinburgh, out into the wider world, some of which you can help with even right here in the city.

  • Social

    Social ministries provide a first contact avenue to introduce friends to church folks, or the church building without direct and explicit bible teaching or prayer; rather assist with relationship building under a Christian umbrella around a shared hobby.