Following a visit by some of the Carrubbers leadership, we have supported the Metropolitan Mission (training and evangelism) in India when and where we can.

The Metropolitan Mission is run by Brother Ebeneezer and his son in the Andra Pradesh region of India. It aims to train and equip brothers in Christ and send them out into the surrounding areas where they can then evangelise.

Both Eric Scott and Eric John Scott have spend time at the mission, teaching and fellowshiping with Ebeneezer. During this time a close link with Carrubbers was generated which has culminated with recent visits from other Carrubberites and the financial support through the Moving Mountain Fund.

Although not a ministry of Carrubbers, we have supported the work for several years; in prayer, with short term missionaries and financially.

There is always the opportunity to get involved. This can be by praying for the mission, giving money, or by volunteering for some short term work during a summer break.
More background information about the mission can be found in the missions area.

India is organised by Eric Scott.