Institute of Biblical Studies


For 25 years this was a monthly ministry of Carrubbers Christian Centre, serving individuals and Christians in the city of Edinburgh and surrounding areas of Scotland.  Our commitment was to equip the saints to do the work of ministry, so that the church might build itself up in love and reach maturity in Christ.  After 2015-2016 the IBS ceased to run monthly, however, this website continues to offer free of charge the audio lectures and many of the notes.  We hope that in the years to come many more will be able to benefit from this unique ministry.

If you are still interested in a part-time programme of Bible training, we would encourage you to look at what is offered locally by the Faith Mission Bible CollegeEdinburgh Bible College, Edinburgh Theological Seminary, and the Porterbrook Network.


Course Primary Lecturer Recordings Lecture Podcasts Notes
Bible Doctrine 1 Wayne Sutton Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Bible Doctrine 2 Wayne Sutton Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Old Testament Survey David Nixon Recordings iTunes RSS  
Old Testament Overview Eric Scott Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
New Testament Survey (Revelation) Eric Scott Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Apologetics David Nixon Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Hermeneutics Eric John Scott Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Missions Malcolm McGregor Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Church History Ian Balfour Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Evangelism David Anderson Recordings iTunes RSS Notes
Bible Exposition David Nixon Recordings iTunes RSS Notes 


The lecturers have all been involved in either pastoral, missions or local church ministry.  This brings a practical edge to all their teaching.

David Anderson – (Evangelism)
Associate Pastor of Carrubbers Christian Centre.

Ian Balfour – (Church History)

Malcolm McGregor – (World Missions)
Community Engagement Pastor of Carrubbers Christian Centre with extensive experience in World Mission.

David J. Nixon – (OT/NT Survey, Apologetics and Bible Exposition)
Pastor (Youth and Students) of Carrubbers Christian Centre.  Studied Law and Theology.

Eric Scott – (OT/NT Overview)
Former Director and President of Carrubbers Christian Centre.

Eric John Scott – (Hermeneutics)
Chairman of Carrubbers Christian Centre.

Wayne Sutton – (Bible Doctrine 1 & 2)
Senior Pastor of Carrubbers Christian Centre and IBS Director. 




Institute of Biblical Studies is organised by Fiona Greig and overseen by the Pastoral Elders.