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We meet again on 4 June at 7:30 in the church.  We are looking at Isaiah 55:1-13 , where Isaiah promises the joys of salvation and the hope of God's Kingdom. Come along ready to be challenged and encouraged by the Word as we think about playing our part as His servants, helping others to discover the joys of that salvation. See you there!


Come along next Tuesday as we look at this passage.  Encourage each other, learn from each other, pray for each other.

 Men For Christ is about the men of Carrubbers investing in each other's lives, pushing each other closer to Jesus and deeper into His Word. Our text is God's revealed truth, the Bible, which speaks powerfully to the real issues that men face today. Join us as we relate, wrestle and rest in the greatness of our awesome Creator.

Through our series of meetings from October 2023 we are studying Isaiah.  

Isaiah has been called “The Bible In Miniature”.  Isaiah is first called to a ministry of proclaiming judgement against a sinful nation.  This dominates his ministry and first commissioning in chapters 1-39 (OT has 39 books).  Then Isaiah is commissioned a second time with a ministry of proclaiming salvation and hope to the nation, through the coming of the Servant of the Lord, in chapters 40-66 (NT has 27 chapters).  Isaiah begins with a vision of a corrupt city of Jerusalem and sinful world, and finishes with a vision of a New Jerusalem and a New Heavens and Earth.  At the centre of it all (especially in chapters 40-55) is the mysterious person of the Servant of the Lord, the prophesied Redeemer – born of a virgin (Isaiah 7), born to rule the nations (Isaiah 9), born filled with the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11) - who will atone for the sins of the people and bring blessing to all the nations of the world.  The vocation that sinful Israel has failed to fulfill will be fulfilled in this one person, the Servant of the Lord.


Our Meetings

Our monthly meetings involve a talk followed by discussion/prayer in small groups. 



For more information contact Chris Highcock. 


Men for Christ is organised by Wayne Sutton and overseen by the Pastoral Elders.