Men for Christ

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Building Our Lives on God's Foundations

Men For Christ is about the men of Carrubbers investing in each other's lives, pushing each other closer to Jesus and deeper into His Word. Our text is God's revealed truth, the Bible, which speaks powerfully to the real issues that men face today. Join us as we relate, wrestle and rest in the greatness of our awesome Creator. 

The focus in this year's study series is strengthening and encouraging the men in the church on our Christian pilgrimage, our daily walk with Christ in a hostile world.  We all need to be clear about our foundations - who we are in Christ, what the cross has achieved, what resources we have to help us, what challenges we face what is our ultimate hope.  The template is from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, but that is just a launch pad from which to dig into these topics.

“He ran till he came to a small hill, at the top of which stood a cross and at the bottom of which was a tomb. I saw in my dream that when Christian walked up the hill to the cross, his burden came loose from his shoulders and fell off his back, tumbling down the hill until it came to the mouth of the tomb, where it fell in to be seen no more.”

- John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress

Our Meetings

Our monthly meetings involve a talk followed by discussion/prayer in small groups. 

Because of the current restrictions we are only goign to meet this month by Zoom. Details for the zoom call have been circulated via the mailing list and are below.
Meeting ID: 871 3343 6048
Passcode: 65

Next Meeting 

On Tuesday 2 March  at 7:30pm we will be thinking about spiritual warfare....The life of the Christian is a battle. Not only against our own sinful desires, but also against an enemy. We do have an enemy, an adversary who is seeking to bring us down, to cause us to suffer and to make us ineffective in our witness and ministry.

There has been a lot of unbiblical nonsense written about “spiritual warfare”, but the bible is clear that we are participants in a cosmic battle that reaches into eternity past and will be concluded in the future to put things right for eternity. How are we to take part in that battle? How does the devil attack an how are we to defend ourselves?

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Men for Christ is organised by Wayne Sutton and overseen by the Pastoral Elders.