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2022/23  Session - Living as the Sons of God

The book of Romans is one of the most significant parts of the New Testament, its 16 chapters explore the theological intricacies of the gospel and their practical implications for the Christian life.  At its heart is Romans 8, which has been described as “The Best Chapter Of The Bible”.

 “Romans 8 is a description of the Christian life… from justification to glorification, from trial and suffering to the peace and tranquillity of the new heavens and new earth” (Derek Thomas)

 It has two book-ends of good news:

  • v.1: “No condemnation” by the law of God;
  • v.39 “No separation” from the love of God. 

 The connecting theme between these ends is the Christian’s assurance in the face of (1) the ongoing struggle with sin within, and (2) the ongoing struggle with suffering outside. 

 “Both the failure with sin and pressures from suffering unsettle us deeply, and the only remedy is to know with equal depth the unbreakable love of God for us in Jesus” (Thomas).

 This next year at Men For Christ we’re going to dive into its riches and find the pearls that can make a real difference in our lives as men living in the 21st century.


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Men For Christ is about the men of Carrubbers investing in each other's lives, pushing each other closer to Jesus and deeper into His Word. Our text is God's revealed truth, the Bible, which speaks powerfully to the real issues that men face today. Join us as we relate, wrestle and rest in the greatness of our awesome Creator.

Our Meetings

Our monthly meetings involve a talk followed by discussion/prayer in small groups. 


Meeting - Our next meeting is at 7:30pm on 7 March in the church building  

Looking at verses 18-27 of Romans 8 we will be thinking about how we endure hardship powered by our hope for what is coming and who is coming. The world thinks this world is doomed and wants to save the planet... but there is hope for us and for this world. There will be renewal for the world and resurrection for us!   Please try to read the chapter in advance and come with your questions and thoughts to share.

Please come early so we are ready to start at 7:30pm prompt, but the doors will be open from 7pm  

For more information contact Chris Highcock. 

Men for Christ is organised by Wayne Sutton and overseen by the Pastoral Elders.