Origin Scotland

Origin Scotland is a non-denominational ministry based here at Carrubbers with two aims: unity in the church and outreach to the world. In support of these, we organise outreach and worship events in secular venues and churches around Scotland and undertake graphic design, publishing and IT services. Opportunities for service are considerable and varied (the performing arts, design, technical, IT, practical, administrative, etc). Founded in 1997, Origin has a daughter ministry in South Africa through whom we also support relief efforts among the poor and needy.


Origin Scotland is a unique church ministry in Edinburgh. We are not only a ministry of Carrubbers, but also of Charlotte Baptist Chapel and have close links with a number of other churches of various denominations in the city.

We are lead by a youth Executive, made up of members of several city churches and denominations, and we organise both events aimed at Christians and evangelistic events for the general public.

Our aim is always to produce contemporary events to the highest production standard, without compromising the message of the Gospel in the process. These vary in size from very small (10 people) to large (over 5000).

Origin is an independant company and registered charity, and as such has freedom to operate within the city - although we have also organised events in places as far away as Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands and Cape Town in South Africa. We are accountable to recognised city church leaders.

More information on this ministry, including information on programmes and how you can become involved, is available on Origin's own website: Origin Scotland

Origin Scotland is organised by Colin Peckham (Carrubbers Rep: Stuart McAra).