Stepping Stones

A simple 'welcome' can have a tremendous impact on a person coming into church for the first time. The aim of Stepping Stones is to provide an environment after our morning services where visitors and newcomers can be welcomed by other members of the church over a cup of tea or coffee. The “Stepping Stones” are a progression for new people from 'information' to 'introduction' to 'integration', which comes through a church who care through their welcoming, listening and responding to the needs we find. Stepping Stones takes place in Carrubbers’ downstairs café after the first morning service, and at the back of the main sanctuary after the second morning service. If you are a regular member please make use of this facility on Sundays as you look out for new people and share the love of Christ with them over a coffee and fellowship. If you are able, we’d also love you to get in touch about joining our teams to serve coffee on Sunday mornings.

Stepping Stones is organised by Rachel Nesbitt and overseen by Eric J Scott.