When a person walks through the doors of a church for the first time the way they are welcomed is very important. If the love of Christ is found in a body of believers, this will become a key-determining factor in a person choosing to become part of a body. The role of the welcoming team is to talk to newcomers who come to church on a Sunday morning and make them feel welcome, understand if they have any particular needs, and give relevant information to help them. Over time we can be one of the routes by which people can get to know others in the church and get involved in areas where they feel gifted to serve. 

If you like getting to know people and have a vision for demonstrating the love of Christ through listening to people, understanding them, and building up relationships over time, then please get in touch to discuss whether this ministry would be an area where you could serve.

Welcoming is organised by Neil McKenzie and overseen by Eric J Scott.