The Wallyford Living Room

The Wallyford Living Room is the active church plant of Carrubbers' church planting ministry.

In September 2005 Carrubbers Christian Centre launched a home missions outreach five miles east of Edinburgh in the town of Wallyford. The building was redesigned by a group of dedicated volunteers from Carrubbers who gave their time and energy to this project. The renovations were completed in September 2006 and The Living Room was officially opened with an evening of prayer. We want The Living Room to be a comfortable, welcoming place meeting practical, spiritual and social needs in the community.  Our long term goal is to see a church established in the town of Wallyford which will serve the community and bring glory to God.

After a period of time where the work of Wallyford Mission ceased, the trustees felt that they wanted to pass the work on to people who would take it forward.

Work began in the Autumn of 2005 to renovate the building in Wallyford to make it suitable for some kind of evangelistic work to begin. This work is split into to two phases. Once phase one is complete "The Living Room" will open and the work will once again begin in Wallyford.

There is always the opportunity to get involved. This can be by praying, giving, or by volunteering for some of the work that is going on.

The Wallyford Living Room is organised by Andrew Agnew.