There Is Hope

There are other "outward facing" pages that explain all about There Is Hope, and what it is. This page is all about how to get involved. Previous iterations of There Is Hope include Chat 65 and then before that Room 65.

The event requires a lot of people doing a lot of different roles to make it happen. The majority of these helpers come from the church membership, but others are very welcome to join us too. In 2010 we had over 3000 through the doors which clearly requires a lot of man power to make sure they are comfortable, but most importantly engaged with the gospel either directly by conversation, or indirectly through the very act of being in a church amongst God's people for an evening. You don't have to have any specific skills to be involved, nor do you need to commit to being there every night or for a whole night. You just need to be willing and able.

There Is Hope is organised by Phil Scott and overseen by David Anderson & Eric J Scott.